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Privacy Policy

Aston Pottery does its utmost to keep all the information it holds safe and secure.

All the information we request to process orders or make bookings are necessary for the completion of such activities. This information may be altered or deleted by customers upon request.

We do not hold or store any card details. Where a remote transaction takes place all such information will be destroyed as soon as the transaction is completed.

Personal information is only retained of those subscribing to our newsletter in the form of an email address, any other information collected by us for purposes of marketing or data processing is anonymised at the earliest possible point. See below for policy for specific company activities.

In line with GDPR legislation, the information below documents how Aston Pottery interacts and processes all personal data online and in store:

Use of our Website and Cookies

We do not collect personal data from individuals browsing our website, or make any effort to identify people.

Those with or signing up to member accounts require Aston Pottery to hold customer usernames and email addresses for the purpose of logging in and account recovery.

Own account details can be changed, updated or deleted by individual members when logged in.

Where an online order has been placed, personal information necessary to the processing of said order will be stored and can be viewed from the connected customer’s account.

No personal data is extracted from member profiles or online orders without consent. Said personal data is not used for marketing unless opted-in.

Order data is held on customer accounts for customer reference of past orders. Customers can deleted own data or request deletion of archived orders via email:


We use cookies to track volume of visitors to different parts of the website and the links used to move throughout.

Anonymous data retrieved from cookies provide Aston Pottery with functional data such as browser-type to inform decisions on display, navigation and accessibility and remembering customer preferences.

Cookies do not provide us with personal information that can be used to identify users.

Aston Pottery does not access personal browsing data or connect it with any other data source.

Use of Analytics Services

Aston Pottery obtains no personal information from this analytics service that can be used to identify users.

Visitors may avoid contributing to google’s analytical data by downloading the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on:


The purpose of our newsletter, and respective rights as a subscribed member are described in our terms and conditions: ‘Subscribing to our newsletter’.

Subscription to our newsletter requires us to store email addresses of those subscribed.

All those subscribing to our newsletter must opt-in to receive correspondence from Aston Pottery.

You may unsubscribe at any time via a link contained within our correspondence. Members may also request removal of oneself from our database by contacting our office

You are entitled to request to see the personal data Aston Pottery hold on you.

Personal data (email address) used for the purposes of our newsletter is not connected to any other personal identifiers.

Campaign databases containing email addresses are archived for up to one year. After this point they will be deleted.

Any other services

Aston Pottery is happy to provide information on usage of customer data in any other relevant service we provide. Information on services provided in store only can be obtained from the relevant department, details of which can be found on our Contacts page.

All pottery products designed, manufactured and hand-decorated in Aston, Oxfordshire.

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