For all vacancies, applications including your CV are to be sent to Stephen Baughan at

Current Vacancies

Are you an aspiring Cook?


Are you interested in helping Stephen prepare and develop the fabulous array of food on our menu?

We are looking for someone with a real passion for cooking as well as producing food to a consistently high standard. You need to be hard working and able to work well with the team.

The vacancy is for 3 days a week and includes some weekends.

If you are interested then please email Stephen at

Are you an aspiring Baker?


We are looking for someone to join our busy kitchen 3-4 days a week.  This will include some weekends.

You will be helping to produce the fabulous array of cakes that you see here each day.

This job is open to anyone who really loves baking!

You will be working alongside Stephen who will be looking for someone that has a strong passion for baking and wants to enhance their skills necessary to produce our range of cakes.


Please apply with your CV to Stephen Baughan at

For related enquiries:
(01993) 850 960

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