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Artists at Aston Pottery

Tuesday 4th July - End of August 2017

We are very excited, that on selected days during the summer, you will be able to enjoy artists and craftsmen from mixed disciplines demonstrating their skills in our upstairs showroom.

We have Ray Jackson, artist and illustrator, Judith Berger who works with fused glass, Lyn Oswin, needle felting, Kerry Forkner who dyes and adds designs to silk scarves, Hester Robinson-Spoon who is a silversmith and Sally Spencer a jeweler.

Kicking off this event on Tuesday July 4th we are very pleased to have the well-known Artist and illustrator, Ray Jackson from Bampton, who specialises in capturing the liveries and colours of buses from a bygone age and producing his trademark heritage pictures of vehicles in local scenes including Oxfordshire.

Artists will be in residence on selected days from 10.30am - 3.30pm from Tuesday 4th – End of August. Entry is free of charge.

Aston Pottery is a working ceramics manufacturer with an award-winning shop and café, stocking contemporary gifts and serving a wide variety of delicious food. Throughout the summer our beautiful gardens will be in full bloom.

Ray Jackson: 4th - 6th July 10.30am - 3.30pm

Ray Jackson graduated from Newcastle College of Art & Industrial Design in the 1960s where he studied illustration, typography and graphic design

Ray specialises in capturing the liveries and colours of buses from a bygone age and has undertaken many commissions, as well as producing his trademark heritage pictures of vehicles in local scenes. Commissions are welcomed by the artist for transport related subjects and also house portraiture, favourite buildings, pubs etc.

Ray's Website

Judith Berger: 11th, 12th & 14th July, 1st - 3rd August 10.30am - 3.30pm

My interest in glass goes back over 45 years and I have been buying bits and pieces of glass and jewellery ever since. The first was a small blue glass made very roughly which I bought in Kandahar in 1970 by the light of flaming torches. Since then I have found other lovely pieces in the UK and around the world.

After a career in the NHS until I retired, I started taking courses working with fused (or warm) glass. Briefly, glass can be worked on when it is molten (when it is blown or poured into moulds); when it is worked cold and set in lead or copper (stained or tiffany glass); or cut and worked on when it is cold and then heated and fused in a kiln (warm glass). There are a number of different types of glass that can be used, for instance float glass (essentially window glass) or Bullseye glass which is poured and rolled out. These and other types of glass expand and contract at different rates so it essential that one only works with one kind of glass in a studio, as muddling them up can mean that the final product cracks and breaks.

Each piece of jewellery is designed and handmade entirely by him.

I work with Bullseye glass. It has a beautiful wide range of colours and transparency, and can be bought in sheets, powder, confetti or frit (small pieces 0.5mm to 2mm). It is also possible to use special glassline paints which can be fired. There is also dichroic glass which has multiple very thin lays of metal in it. This all means that I can produce a variety of different effects, either separately or combined.

Landscape and seascape are my inspiration in larger pieces or details of leaves, flowers or water in smaller pieces of my work. The transparency of glass and its fluidity are what attracts me to working in this medium. I am presently Chair of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild

Judith's Website

Lyn Oswin: 18th - 20th July, 8th, 9th & 13th August 10.30am - 3.30pm

Lyn has been working in the creative professions for more than 20 years and has in depth knowledge with all things design. She lives in Minster Lovell in a beautiful bungalow along with her husband where she runs her most predominant business - Enchanted Floristry.

When she is not crafting fabulous bouquets of flowers for weddings, local businesses and other special occasions she found the time to take up a hobby, needle felting. This relatively old and unique style of creativity sparked her interest and she did a short 3 hour training course and from there on in is self-taught.

Needle felting is the process of turning a pile of wool into different shapes and artistic designs, by using a special barbed needle

Lyn prides herself on her elegant and understated style along with her attention to detail and her needle felting work is a perfect reflection of this.

Her beautiful and imaginative bears are superbly handmade, with the same love and dedication going into each and every one making them exquisitely bespoke and non the same as the one before.

Kerry Forkner: 26th - 27th July, 15th - 17th August 10.30am - 3.30pm

The landscape around us has been shaped by thousands of years of human activity. Walking through that landscape I perceive subtle aspects of my surroundings which have been fashioned by previous inhabitants. Recording textures, mapping memories of travel routes, suggesting echoes of previous generations and the elusive secrets of the land using fabric and stitch, I aim to interpret the atmosphere of place. Colour schemes are derived from dyeing with plant material native to the walk locations, which may be in different parts of the country or in my local environment. Folding or scrunching the fabric result in rhythmic markings reminiscent of the landscape. Patterns stitched into textiles and paper are taken from the surfaces, both ancient and modern, trodden beneath my feet. Printed or stencilled patterns of flora or architectural details and stitched embellishment may be added to dyed materials creating unique pieces for wear or decoration. The meditative execution of hand stitches simulate steps through the landscape, indicative of time passing. Fragments of semi-transparent fabrics patched together reflect the veils of time obscuring the evidence of the past, the layers revealed in archaeological strata and the continuing subliminal influence of history on the environment we experience today.

Kerry's Website

Hester Robinson-Spoon: August 29th - 31st 10.30am - 3.30pm

Having moved to the UK from her native Holland 35 years ago Hester worked for many years in adoption and social work. During that time, she took up silversmithing as a hobby initially but over the years she developed herself into a versatile silversmith 'professionado'. All her work is hand-made and unique. It includes mostly spoons (of course), rings and bangles, but there has been the odd bowl, pot or jug too; Hester's style is beautifully organic, rough and chunky.

For this event Hester is focusing on her silver spoons. More information can be found on Hester’s website and on her website Facebook page for her latest designs and news.

Hester's Website

Sally Spencer: August 29th - 31st 10.30am - 3.30pm

Obsessed with jewellery and gemstones, Sally has been designing and making jewellery since 1995, creating individually designed and made jewellery items. Her collection of unusual gemstones and fossils provides inspiration for her contemporary jewellery pieces, some of which are one-off designs due to the individuality or rarity of the stones used.

As a member of JASSO (Jewellery and Silver Society of Oxford) she is proud to work alongside other practising jewellers and silversmiths, as keen as she is to share their knowledge and prevent the craft skills from being lost. She loves teaching her craft and if you ask any of her students they will tell you she does enjoy sharing her passion for the subject with anyone who will listen! Sally also particularly enjoys working with customers to create personal gifts for special events or occasions.

Sally’s love affair with stones started when she was small, spending many happy hours collecting pebbles on the beach. The stones may have become more expensive over the years but she’s still fascinated by them - having now passed both the Gemmological Association of Great Britain's Diamond Diploma and Gemmology Diploma she is proud to be a Fellow of the Association. Being introduced to rough diamond crystals with their natural, unfashioned shapes and understanding more about the coloured stones has definitely influenced her work.

Sally's Website

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