Are you in our top 5 #astonpottery Instagram posts?

Aston pottery cakes

There are a lot of budding photographers and Instagram addicts among our customers. From our photography competition to our recent feature in Country Living people are getting involved. For that reason this time in the blog we’re celebrating some of our favourite #astonpottery Instagram posts.


First up it’s Estherhowe85’s Instagram post from May at the Witney Food Festival, in St Mary’s Church. It’s a nice photo collage. No wonder she spotted us in St Mary’s Church just look at the size of that cake stand!


Here’s Kashdown88’s post from January. An Aston Pottery bowl has been used for an innovative purpose. In this case as a place for the cat to curl up after the fruit has been taken out.


From December last year Anotherbrotherofmothers used Aston Pottery to present Father Christmas and his reindeer with some much needed sustenance. What’s in the mug we wonder?



Papertreeoxon has captured some of our Dahlias at their peak in this photo. It’s a great photo on what looks to have been a beautiful sunny day in September.


Best coffee photo has to go to Francescaaellis for this beaut. She’s captured that perfect swirl of milk and coffee when it’s freshly poured. Just perfect.

We hope you enjoyed our round up post of the best #astonpottery Instagram posts from our wonderful customers.

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